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St. Michael's Catholic Church

106 North Western Avenue - Girad  · Architectural Innovations

St. Michael’s moved into its current church location in 1964 after outgrowing its original location. Like many 50-year-old structures, the church was beginning to show signs of wear, and upgrades were needed to improve energy efficiencies and preserve the structure. St. Michael’s serves a congregation of 235 families in Girard and throughout the rural communities. Beyond the necessary upgrades was the desire to promote more one-on-one fellowship that strengthens parish ties.

The 5,700 sq. ft. renovation was comprised of the addition of three outdoor canopies and a devotional area to the right of the narthex, a quiet place for prayer and reflection. New lighting and floor finishes, replacement of exterior windows, refurbishment of the pews and stained glass windows, and ADA-compliant restrooms were also included in the renovation.

Construction began Labor Day 2014 and parishioners were able to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass in the newly renovated church, followed shortly by a 50th anniversary Mass with Wichita Diocese Bishop Carl A. Kemme.

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