Value Engineering

Our goal at Simpson is that your project will not require any value engineering, if we can be involved early enough in the formation of the design we use our budget to control the development of the scheme and inform the design team with options to keep the plans line with the target project costs.

If however plans are already developed and require changes to meet the budget we have the experience to be able to perform effective value engineering.

The term value engineering is used widely within the construction industry as a catch all for reducing costs. While in a sense this is correct, true value engineering is achieved by considering the aims of a project and developing a less expensive means of achieving them. Whether in aesthetes, durability physical performance of materials or the function and layout of the building itself. At Simpson we have a long history or seeking the best value for owners and innovating in design and materials to achieve a budget.


Rock Road Dental

“From the beginning, Simpson team members were conscious and responsive to the time constraints. In addition to always meeting their deadlines, they stuck to their word, and each project was completed within budget.”

- Dr Christopher Majors, DDS