Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Analysis

When implemented at the right point in the design process, pre-construction services can dramatically impact a construction project. Simpson Construction Services collaborates with the owner and architect to establish the project scope of work and expectations. Simpson provides detailed cost-estimating, site evaluation, scheduling and selection of the best delivery methods for the project at hand.

By planning and defining responsibilities for each phase of the process, Simpson establishes accountability for the project from beginning to end. This process ultimately provides owners with the building they want, at the best value, in an efficient manner.

Neurology Consultants of Kansas

“It was very helpful to have the architect, engineers and Simpson all in the pre-construction meetings, so much decision-making and problem-solving was done during the planning stage and everyone is now moving forward in the same direction. There’s no question in my mind that this was the right way to approach our project.”
- Tally Bell, Neurology Consultants of Kansas