Luck of the Larned!

It's March and things are shaping up nicely at both schools! This month we'd like to give a special thank you to Haynes Electric and Eakin Enterprises! Haynes donated and installed the new light poles, while Eakin donated the concrete bases! We appreciate all of our subs and the work they put into making all of these projects special! 


Bathroom Tile Installation

Classroom Carpet & Millwork Installation

Classroom Wing Brick Installation

Commons Area Paint & Ceilings 

Exterior Metal Panels & Brick

Gym Equipment Installation

Kitchen Installations

Media Center Block & Steel Work




Connecting Hallway

Exterior Finishes (1/2)

Exterior Finishes (2/2)

Fitness Room Flooring & Finishes 

Weight Room Flooring (1/3)

Weight Room Flooring (2/3)

Weight Room Flooring (3/3)

Fitness Room Office


Multi-Purpose Room Finishes 

New Site Lighting & Parking Lot (Thanks again Haynes and Eakin)

North Addition Entry Finishes

Restroom Finishes