Coming Along at Larned

Things are still coming along nicely at both Larned Schools. 



Classroom Flooring & Cabinet Installations

Classroom Wing Bathroom 1

Classroom Wing Bathroom 2


 Classroom Wings

 Gymnasium Metal Panels

Gymnasium Wood Floor Installation


 Hallway Light Fixtures

 Large Window Installation

Media Center Stone


 New Main Entry

 Reading Risers

Santa Fe Trail Paint

Server Room Installations


 Site Overview 1

Site Overview 2

Site Overview 3

Toilet Partition Installation

Walk-In Freezer Installation

Water Softener & Water Heater Installation



Fitness & Weight Room Water Fountains

Fitness Room Finish

Fitness Room Lockers 


 Fitness Room Pano

Fitness Room Restroom


 Mascot Sign Installed Pano

 Mascott Sign Installed

 Weight Room Finishes


Luck of the Larned!

It's March and things are shaping up nicely at both schools! This month we'd like to give a special thank you to Haynes Electric and Eakin Enterprises! Haynes donated and installed the new light poles, while Eakin donated the concrete bases! We appreciate all of our subs and the work they put into making all of these projects special! 


Bathroom Tile Installation

Classroom Carpet & Millwork Installation

Classroom Wing Brick Installation

Commons Area Paint & Ceilings 

Exterior Metal Panels & Brick

Gym Equipment Installation

Kitchen Installations

Media Center Block & Steel Work




Connecting Hallway

Exterior Finishes (1/2)

Exterior Finishes (2/2)

Fitness Room Flooring & Finishes 

Weight Room Flooring (1/3)

Weight Room Flooring (2/3)

Weight Room Flooring (3/3)

Fitness Room Office


Multi-Purpose Room Finishes 

New Site Lighting & Parking Lot (Thanks again Haynes and Eakin)

North Addition Entry Finishes

Restroom Finishes

New Year, New Larned

The new year always brings plenty of changes. It is no different with construction at Larned. 



Commons Ceiling, Painting & Lighting 

 Exterior Brick Installation

Gymnasium Brick Installation

Gymnasium Painting & Lighting


Kitchen Ceiling & Light Fixture Installation

Media Center Structure




East Entry to North Addition 

Exterior Finishes (1/2)

Exterior Finishes (2/2)

Fitness Room Ceilings & Paint

Fitness Room Windows

Multi-Purpose Room Paint & Light Fixtures

North Addition Parking Lot Add

Restroom Ceramic Tile Installation


Aerial View of Larned

This week's post provide a much higher view of the progress at both Larned schools.







The Latest at Larned

Things have definitely changed in the last few weeks, especially at the Elementary School. 



1st - 2nd Grade Wing Exterior Wall Installation

Air & Vapor Barrier Install on Gym

Area A Roofing

Brick Installation

Common Area Soffits & Rough In

Gym Ductwork Install

Kindergarten Hall Rough In

Kindergarten Wing Exterior Wall Installation

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Installation

West Parking Lot Installation




Multi-Purpose Room

New Gym Lighting


North Multi-Purpose Addition 3

South Connecting Link 3

South Connecting Link Addition 1

Teacher Break Room

West Connecting Link 1

West Connecting Link 3



Concrete, Windows and Walls...Oh My!

The new school year is already underway and construction is still going strong. Some of the new areas are really starting to take shape, while one area just needed a little upgrade.


2nd Classroom Wing Slab Pour

Classroom Wall Installation

Commons Wall Installation

Concrete Slab Pour

New Commons & Gym Area

New Gymnasium Walls and Joist Installation

Parking Lot Concrete Pours

Santa Fe Trail Wall

Sewer Installations




New Storm Shelter and Multi-Purpose Room

New Windows at Courtyard (1/3)

New Windows at Courtyard (2/3)

New Windows at Courtyard (3/3)


Precast Panel Installation (1/4) 

Precast Panel Installation (2/4)


Precast Panel Installation (3/4)

Precast Panel Installation (4/4)

South Connecting Link Masonry


Weight Room Wall Installation

Making Progress at Larned

We've been in Larned a few months now and things are moving forward quite nicely! We've started work on both Elementary and High School, and even introduced a new friendly face into the mix.  


                 The High School site will be run by our superintendent Chad Duling. Please feel free to say hi if you see him, and ask how the project is going. He's working hard this Summer to get a lot before school starts back




The slab pour at Larned Elementary School


More of the Larned Elementary School slab pour

Installing the CMU wall at Larned Elementary

Constructing the connecting link at the Larned High School Annex

Corridor Construction at the Larned High School Annex

Footing installation at Larned High School


Demolition of the gym ceiling at Larned High School

Welcome to the Larned Schools Blog!

Over the course of the project we will be posting information about the progress of the new elementary, and the remodel at the high school. The district board and administrative staff wanted to make sure we kept you full informed as to how the bond money has been spent and the impact it will have on the students. We welcome any questions or comments, and if there is any aspect of the construction process you would like to know about please let us know and we will do our best to document it for you here.

    Our project manager is Brooks Dohrman, he is just finishing a $32 million bond project for the Circle District in Towanda.
Beau, PC, Project Coordinator, Larned, Simpson Construction   He is assisted by Beau Berry our project engineer.
Devin, Superintendent, Super, Simpson Construction, Larned  

The Elementary School site will be run by our superintendent Devin Carter, he has just finished and expansion at Northwest High School  for USD 259.

Our team are passionate about construction and have a great deal of experience working on school projects. Please feel free to say hi if you see them, and ask them how the project is going.
We will get started in April at the new elementary, and the high school will start in May.